power of your purchase.

when you purchase a littlebag, you are

nurturing the planet & the next generation

next generation.

When you buy a littlebag, you give more than just books. You inspire a love of reading, writing, and learning. Which is why littlebags.bigimpact donates 15% of the proceeds from each littlebag to Tree House Books — a literacy center and giving library in Philadelphia.

quick facts.

In Philadelphia, there is just one age-appropriate book in every 300 homes. 67% of the children currently entering third grade are not reading on grade-level, making them 87% more likely to drop out of high school.

together we can decrease this number. how?

15% of your littlebag purchase is donated to Tree House Books. This donation purchases quality books for children in Philadelphia. These books will give each child a steady foundation for learning which can travel with them through high school and even in the work place.

our impact.

8000+ kids inspired

$6000 donated to feed the mind & the body

2000+ quality books donated


one fabric scrap at a time.

Each littlebag starts with a piece of fabric, no matter how big or small. littlebags.bigimpact saves these scraps and turns them into something beautiful, something useful, something sustainable. 

quick facts.

Over 15 million tons of textiles are wasted and thrown into a landfill each year in the United States. This number keeps increasing. In 2014 alone, more than 16 million tons of textiles were wasted and only 2.6 tons were recycled while 10.4 tons ended up in a landfill. 

together we can

decrease this number.

All of the materials that littlebags.bigimpact uses are reclaimed textiles and fabrics that would have been thrown into a landfill. Interior designer remnants, discontinued prints, and ends of bolts are all major disruptors on our planet when thrown away. When you purchase a littlebag, you are saving fabric from becoming waste. 

we're committed to the

highest sustainability and accountability standards.

littlebags.bigimpact has received independent third-party certification of the recycled content used in the manufacture of littlebags. GreenCircle has certified that littlebags contain up to 96% recycled content. Contact us to learn more about the recycled content in our products.

our impact.

3000 lbs. of fabric rescued from entering a landfill


thoughtfully handcrafted bags from reclaimed fabrics that do good.


we are on a mission to inspire children to become readers, writers, and thinkers 


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