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By purchasing a littlebag, you are making a tangible impact on the life of a child. You are saving a piece of fabric from being thrown on top of a landfill. You are fueling a child's love of learning and writing and reading. You are committing to a future of sustainability. All with one purchase.

That said, welcome to the littlebag community! We are passionate about making the world a better, livable place for future generations. Period.

Join the tribe, browse our selection of one-of-a-kind bags, share how you style your #littlebags, read more about our impact, and check out our brand new blog!

The littlebags blog has the sole purpose to fuel our collective energy and passion to have an even greater impact. Plus, we are huge writers and readers, if you can't already tell :)

xoxo- the littlebags team


thoughtfully handcrafted bags from reclaimed fabrics that do good.


we're on a mission to inspire children to become readers, writers and thinkers  #littlebags

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